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Alex Krause

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Hygiene and Mold Remediation Services in the Cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basellandschaft, Solothurn, and Aargau.

Do you live or is your company located in the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basellandschaft, Solothurn, or Aargau and have questions about hygiene or mold remediation? We are your competent partner, offering comprehensive services to address your concerns.

Here is an overview of our services:

  • Analysis of hygiene issues: We conduct a thorough analysis of your premises to identify potential hygiene issues.
  • Surface disinfection through cold fogging: Using modern cold fogging technology, we ensure effective surface disinfection.
  • Air disinfection through fogging: Through targeted fogging techniques, we guarantee reliable air disinfection.
  • Ozone odor elimination: Our ozone treatment service eliminates unpleasant odors, ensuring fresh air.
  • Pest control for storage and plant protection through fogging: We employ innovative fogging methods to efficiently combat pests and ensure your storage and plant protection.
  • Air germ measurement: If needed, we conduct air germ measurements, including validation (sporicidal/bactericidal) and documentation.

Call us to schedule an appointment. In a personal on-site meeting, we will clarify your individual needs and promptly provide you with a detailed offer. Trust our expertise to ensure a hygienic and healthy environment.